online sessions

The Design Advanced Research Training project (DART) is dedicated to open resources for doctoral studies in design, and to developing novel ways for early career researchers to develop expertise in research.

DART is to hold a number of webinars (online seminars) on aspects of research suitable for design PhD students at any stage in their study. These sessions will be led by David Durling who is Professor of Design Research at Coventry, and coordinator of the DART project.

In this pilot phase for design PhD students, the intention is to hold a number of 1:1 seminars in the UK with live broadcast to another PhD student group located outside the UK. It is expected that academic staff expertise will be on hand at both sites. Depending on the theme chosen for the webinar, a small number of student presentations may be followed by academic staff critique and advice.

We are looking for a number of partner design departments who are interested in joining us in this venture over the next few months.

The common language for all webinars will be English, both for presentations and discussion. It is not necessary that you have experience of this kind of online seminar. Technical advice can be provided as required. It is necessary that you have a number of interested design students, and perhaps one or two supervisors to participate.

We are interested in using these sessions not only for valuable interaction between students and tutors across departments and cultures, but also as a platform for developing new ways of teaching and learning online.

Please send expressions of interest to: