Introduction This section contains information about getting your work published.


Tips on how to get published. Sage.
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Getting your work published – a science perspective

This talk is from a science perspective, though the advice is applicable to a wide range of research publication. It deals with what makes an excellent paper, what editors look for, and how to sell yoursel,.


Scholarly and peer reviewed articles

This is an overview of the requirements for writing a high quality article for publication in a peer reviewed journal or similar.



Thompson, Pat and Barbara Kamler. 2013. Writing for peer reviewed journals: Strategies for getting published.
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10 point guide to dodging publishing pitfalls. Times Higher 6 March 2014
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Niedderer, K., Biggs, M. & Ferris, M. (2006). The Research Exhibition: context, interpretation, and knowledge creation. International Design Research Society Conference WonderGround. Lisbon, Portugal.
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