Introduction  Conferences related to design come in many forms: from one-day symposia with a particular focus to one-week all-embracing conferences: from small events where discussion is the focus to large congresses with multiple streams; from open calls to invitation-only events. Some events have strong peer review, some do not. Some have well established means of making the proceedings available as an enduring and searchable record, others melt away without trace.

There are many conferences held on a regular basis, some annually, some every two years. Two major biennial events are held by Design Research Society (DRS) in even numbered years and by the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) in odd numbered years.

The proceedings listed below cover both focussed and general research conferences. This list is far from exhaustive, but aims to provide some indication of the kinds of design research published over the past few years. Some proceedings may not be available online.

Doctoral Education in Design, 1998, Ohio was the first in a series of events with this title. Doctoral Education in Design, Proceedings of the Ohio Conference, 8-11 October 1998,  published by Carnegie Mellon University, January.
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Doctoral Education in Design: Foundations for the Future 2000 was a DRS sponsored conference held in La Clusaz, France.  It remains a good introduction for doctoral students, and several key papers are listed on this website.
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DRS Conference Common Ground 2002, London. Durling, David and John Shackleton, Editors.  2003.  Proceedings of the DRS International Conference, September 2002. The entire proceedings may be downloaded as a 13mb PDF
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Doctoral Education in Design, 2003, Tsukuba Japan was the third conference in the series. Durling, David and Kazuo Sugiyama, Editors.  2003.  Proceedings of the Third Conference Doctoral Education in Design 14-17 October 2003. Japan: University of Tsukuba.  ISBN 4-9980776-2-7
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DRS Conference Futureground 2004. Melbourne, Australia. Redmond, John, David Durling, and Arthur DeBono, Editors.  2004.  Proceedings of the DRS International Conference, 2004.
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DRS Conference Wonderground 2006, Portugal. Proceedings of the DRS International Conference, 2006. Proceedings are available from the conference website.
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IASDR International Design Congress 2007, Hong Kong on the theme of emerging research.  Held in November 2007.
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DRS Conference Undisciplined! 2008, Sheffield UK. Proceedings of the DRS International Conference, 2008. Proceedings are available from the Sheffield Hallam University repository.
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DRS Conference 2010. Montreal.
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