Introduction This section contains recommendations for materials that will help in preparing for and managing the defence of your thesis by viva vocae.


Will James get his PhD? The Viva. A partial recording of a PhD viva. This provides an overview of the process, a peek inside the room, and an engaging commentary by the candidate.

Ten Tips for Getting Through Your Viva.
|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |Your Viva. Vitae
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Murray, Rowena. 2009.  How to Survive Your Viva. Open University Press, Buckingham

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Potter, Stephen (Ed).  2006.  Doing Postgraduate Research. Sage/OU Press. pp. 251-275. With DVD.
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Broad, Andrew. undated. Nasty PhD Viva Questions
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Green, Howard, and Stuart Powell. 2005. Doctoral Study in Contemporary Higher Education. Maidenhead, Berkshire, England: Open University Press and the Society for Research into Higher Education.
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