Introduction This section contains recommendations for materials that will help in making presentations of your research work to others, for example at conferences.


Five Tips for Effective Presentation

Short talk that provides some simple pointers to what makes a clear and effective presentation



Emden, Joan van and Lucinda Becker. 2010. Presentation skills for students. Palgrave Macmillan. 978-0-230-24304-0 A comprehensive basic textbook that deals with most aspects of student presentations.
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TED talks. The TED talks are among the best presentations anywhere.
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View the TED recommended must-see talks
View the TED recommended short talks (3 minutes) especially tying shoelaces



Durling, David. 2016. Presentation workshop, Coventry University UK. This is a bare-bones version of a package about on-screen presentation techniques: it formed part of the workshop.
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Gallo, Carmine. 2010. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be insanely great in front of any audience.McGraw-Hill. 978-0-07-163608-7
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Reynolds, Garr. 2012. Presentation Zen: Simple ideas on presentation design and delivery. There is also a blog relating to professional presentation techniques.
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Steve Jobs. Apple Keynotes. This is a compilation of several classic presentations.
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20 Easy Ways to Beef Up Your Presentation Skills
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Mollerup, Per. 2011. PowerNotes.
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Potter, Stephen (Ed).  2006.  Doing Postgraduate Research. Sage/OU Press. [accompanying DVD has discussion on presentation techniques] |  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |

Talking the Talk: Tips on Giving a Successful Conference Presentation. APA
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