Literature review

Introduction This section contains recommendations for materials that will help in literature search and review.


The Literature Review

This presentation steps through the basics of conducting a review of the literature.

The Writing Center, UNC. Literature Reviews.
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Hart, Chris. 2001. Doing a literature search. A Comprehensive Guide for the Social Sciences. London: Sage Publications.
|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |

Hart, Chris. 1998. Doing a literature review. Releasing the social science imagination. London: Sage Publications.
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Cooper , Harris M. Synthesizing research : a guide for literature reviews. SAGE 1998.
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Savin-Baden, Maggi and Claire Howell Major. 2013. Literature review, in: Qualitative Research: the essential guide to theory and practice. Routledge. pp.112-130.
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Torgerson, Carole. 2003. Systematic Reviews. Continuum.
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Webster, Jane and Richard Watson. 2002. Analyzing The Past To Prepare For The Future: Writing A Literature Review, in: MIS Quarterly Vol. 26 No. 2, pp. xiii-xxiii/June 2002
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Creswell, John (2007) “Review of the Literature”, Chapter 2, in: Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method Approaches. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.
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