Introduction This section contains recommendations for materials that will help in understanding  ethics in research studies.


This provides some historical background to the evolution of ethical research involving human subjects.

Oliver, Paul. 2010. Introduction – Ethics and Research, in: The Student’s Guide to Research Ethics. McGraw-Hill. [study the introduction online, then get the book for further study] |  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |


Greenfield, Tony. 2002. Ethics of research, in: Research Methods for Postgraduates. Arnold. pp.41-49.|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |

The Ethics of Social Research. Sage. [this is chapter 4. It has a number of weblinks to major sources of information and standards across disciplines] |  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |


Gregory, Ian.  2003.  Ethics in research.  New York: Continuum.
|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |


Kimmel , Allan J.  1988. Ethics and values in applied social research. Sage.
|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |

Roth, R. and Roth, S. K. et al. (1997) Beauty is Nowhere: ethical issues in art and design. Amsterdam: Gordon & Breach
|  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |

Research Training Initiative. The RTI website has a helpful collection of case studies involving ethics specifically in the art and design sector. [currently offline] |  pdf  |  weblink  |  review  |